The High Middle Ages in Germany

Rolf Toman

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From Introduction: "This book aims at encouraging, in an imaginative and entertaining way, an interest in historical facts and a philosophical and historic contemplation of the material. There are the many illustrations in the book to spur the reader's imagination. The text itself is both highly readable and stimulating and takes into account the fact that readers cannot be expected to know a lot about the Middle Ages. The structure of the book, illuminating everyday life in the Middle Ages and dealing with sociological, economic, political and cultural aspects, is such that it can be read as an introduction to this period. The material at our disposal is so diverse and covers such a large area that it has been deemed necessary to concentrate on the high Middle Ages (approximately the 11th to 13th centuries) and on the geographic region of the Holy Roman Empire. If, after having read the book, the reader wants to know more about the Middle Ages, there is a clearly laid-out bibliography at the end. Most of the titles, however, are in German."
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