Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man

Joseph W. South, David Clare, Franco


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Find out what the dating and seduction communities are RAVING about! Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man is a unique examination of women and relationships in an era of material equality between the sexes. Despite vast gains in the welfare of women, especially in the modern West, both men and women are finding relationships ranging from dating to marriage increasingly difficult. The authors draw upon cutting edge science in evolutionary biology, and neuropsychology, and vast personal experience with women to distill some simple and practical principles men will find useful for creating and maintaining relationships with emotionally (and sexually) compatible women.

Here Is What You Get — A Sneak Preview

Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man is a real book, convenient, ready to read, anywhere, anytime.

It isn’t available as an ebook, nor in bookstores.

No need to be tied to your computer screen, or to print out pages and pages of some ebook.

Each chapter is crammed with solid, scientifically supported and personally field-tested behavior about how real women behave in the real world.

Chapter 1: The Role of Evolution explains many of the foundational psychological principles that govern the theories presented throughout the book. You learn how evolutionary psychology confirms your real-world experience with women.

Chapter 2: Female Neuropsychology explains the key...
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