David Lapham

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David Lapham, writer and illustrator of the acclaimed crime comic-book series Stray Bullets, comes to Vertigo with Silverfish, an original, black and white hardcover graphic novel of stark crime noir and intense, gritty realism.

What starts as a childish bid for her father's affections turns into nail-biting suspense when a young girl called Mia searches her new stepmother's purse, only to find a secret stash of money, a bloody knife and a mysterious address book.


David Lapham’s 2007 graphic novel Silverfish reads like an illustrated screenplay for a never-filmed John Carpenter-style suburban thriller. And while writer/illustrator Lapham is clearly familiar with (and fond of) the conventions of such films (Chief of Police father, bratty, rich-girl best friends, overly nice strangers with terrible secrets, etc.), he isn’t merely paying tribute to a lost genre, but reviving it in a separate medium.

If cinematic horror has largely abandoned atmosphere, suspense, and character, why shouldn’t comics pick up the slack? It’s not the novelty of “cinematic comics” that makes Silverfish such an exciting read, though; any comic that uses wide panels and dramatic visuals can make the same claim. Urgent pacing, realistic (if supernaturally tinted) danger, and a bold visual style set Silverfish apart in a field flush with predictable plots and flat characters.
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