Professional Cooking, College Version (6th Edition)

Wayne Gisslen

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This is the non-cd College Version.

If you're serious about cooking, you'll want to join the hundreds of thousands of chefs who have used Wayne Gisslen's Professional Cooking to learn the basics of their craft. With more information and step-by-step photographs than ever before, the Sixth Edition of this bestselling culinary classic gives you a complete foundation in cooking techniques and the theories behind them.

Progressing logically from simple cooking methods to more advanced techniques, this Sixth Edition helps you to understand underlying principles first and then focus on applying them. It lets you work at your own pace through every part of the menu, from stocks, sauces, and soups to meats, poultry, fish, and shellfish; vegetables and grains; and breads and desserts. You'll find detailed information on tools and equipment, mise en place preparation, basic cooking principles and techniques, and food presentation and garnishing.

Procedures are explained clearly, step-by-step, with more than 1,200 recipes—100 of them new to this edition—to help you develop your skills and build confidence. Along the way, more than 1,200 illustrations and photos of ingredients, step-by-step techniques, and plated dishes in splendid visual detail serve as a valuable source of guidance and inspiration. Additional special features of this edition include:
- A brand new chapter on...
1090 Pages
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