Tantra: Sex for the Soul

Somananda Moses Maimon


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In 2013, following prompting by participants in his Bhairava Yoga courses, Somananda wrote the Tantra exposé, Tantra: Sex for the Soul, to act as a guide for students new to Tantra. The book explores a wide variety of subjects essential to a complete understanding of sexual teachings in Tantra:

• Why energy is key
• What is tantric lovemaking?
• Beginners’ issues and practice
• Individual guidance for women and for men
• Women and the healing effects of orgasm
• Men and becoming centered in masculine power
• Modern sexuality and tantric relationships
• Tantric massage
• Tantra and spirituality and much more

"Tantra: Sex for the Soul" humbly aims to go where no book of Tantra has gone before. For those who know nothing about Tantra, this book is bound to profoundly change your life. For those who have started down the path, it will deepen and enhance your knowledge. This perfect system - conceived with so much insight and wisdom thousands of years ago - is presented in a practical, step-by-step approach that guides newcomers as well as more experienced practitioners to reach a coherent understanding of sexual Tantra. "Tantra: Sex for the Soul" reveals all the tips and secrets to realize accurate practice, the remarkably multiorgasmic horizons...
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