Ghost in the Shell

Masamune Shirow

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Political thriller

This is a masterpiece manga by Masamune Shirow about a female cyborg, major Motoko Kusanagi.
Motoko Kusanagi is the head of section 9, a secret government organization concerned with cyber crime and general power abuse of big corporations and governments.
They use a lot of violence in the process, while using state-of-the-art equipment.
Section 9 is headed by "ape-face" Aramaki, who has to deal with all the relations with the bigwigs of the government and needs to clear red tape if things have gotten out of hand. He reports directly to the Foreign Minister.


This manga wouldn't be a masterpiece if there was not a different layer to all the political bickering and action.
During her encounters with Artifical Intelligences, major Kusanagi ponders about what it is to be human or a living being in general.
Though most parts of her are artificial, "the Shell", she retains a "Ghost" that defines her being and personality.
AI encounters force her to rethink about the traditional concepts of life and soul.
These conversations and thoughts are what makes this manga so special.


This manga has been transformed by the publisher to Western style reading order, from left to right, both in page flipping as in the order of the pages.
This is a compilation of all the original tankoubons into one volume.
- inside pages have been scanned at 2023 x 1281 pixels
- mostly Black and white pictures, some color pages for cover and some isolated scenes.
This is the original Ghost in the Shell manga series.
Later another series came out, dubbed Ghost in in the Shell 2- Man Machine Interface, which can be considered as a series on it's own. That's why I did not hesitate to check the mark "complete"

Short personal Review

I've already named this a masterpiece so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that this review will be positive...
The story of this manga is very gripping and encourages you to read it from cover to cover in one go.
Especially the interactions with the AI's and the political bickering keep me reading on.
The characters are believable, but could be a little bit more developed. The focus is on the action.
Personally I think that the scanty outfits, especially those worn by the nurses are a bit out of place in this overall serious manga.
I liked the visualization of cyberspace, even if it's a bit outdated today.

There is an occasional picture of a sexual act and a lot of graphic violence with bodyparts splattered across the image.
I'd rate this 16+ (NL) or R(USA).

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