How to Become a Better Negotiator (Work Smart)

Richard A. Luecke, James G. Patterson

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Whether it's at home or at work, so much of our lives involves negotiating to get what we want. From negotiating a higher salary, to lowering costs from suppliers, to hammering out a new contract with a major customer, or even decid­ing where to go on vacation, the only way to consistently arrive at successful conclusions is to master the art of negotiation. Updated with completely new tac­tics and strategies, How to Become a Better Negotiator lets readers in on the same high-level skills that experienced negotiators use. Packed with fill-in-the-blank sections, tips, quizzes, and chapter reviews, the book covers important topics such as listening, assertiveness, and how to deal with hostile opponents. In addition, the book now features new chapters on:
preparation, including identifying issues and interests, and determining alternatives to a deal and reserve price * the five basic steps of negotiation and "doing the deal" * and typical negotiating pitfalls and how to avoid them.
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