Clarkesworld, Issue 68 (May 2012)

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In only five years, Clarkesworld has established itself as one of the leading science fiction and fantasy magazines. It has been the recipient of two Hugo Awards and several of the stories they've published have won or received nominations for the Hugo, Nebula, Sturgeon and other prestigious awards.

Each monthly issue of Clarkesworld features an editorial, interview, thought-provoking article and three original short stories from both new and established authors like Peter Watts, Jay Lake, Catherynne M. Valente, Yoon Ha Lee, N.K. Jemisin and Kij Johnson. The Kindle edition of Clarkesworld Magazine features all text and art used in our other editions.

Clarkesworld is committed to expanding (at no additional cost to readers) the amount of content provided in each issue and will do as they pass various subscription milestones.

This issue contains:-


Prayer by Robert Reed

Synch Me, Kiss Me, Drop by Suzanne Church

All the Things the Moon is Not by Alexander Lumans


The Fairy Tale in the TV Age by Alethea Kontis

Straightforward and Unadorned Adventure: A Conversation with Michael J. Sullivan by Jeremy L. C. Jones

Another Word: Dear Speculative Fiction, I’m Glad We Had This Talk by Elizabeth Bear

From the Editor's Desk by Neil Clarke

PODCAST (available for free online)

Audio Fiction: Prayer by Robert Reed, read by Kate Baker


"Sci-fi Farmer" by Jessada Sutthi
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