Super Joints Russian Longevity Secrets For Pain-free Movement, Maximum Mobility & Flexible Strength

Pavel Tsatsouline


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"The Do-It-Now, Fast-Start, Get-Up-and-Go, Jump-into-Action Bible for High Performance and Longer Life"
You have a choice in life. You can sputter and stumble and creak your way along in a process of painful, slow decline?or you can take charge of your health and become a human dynamo.
And there is no better way to insure a long, pain-free life than performing the right daily combination of joint mobility and strength-flexibility exercises.
In Super Joints, Russian fitness expert Pavel Tsatsouline shows you exactly how to quickly achieve and maintain peak joint health?and then use it to improve every aspect of your physical performance.
Only the foolish would deliberately ignore the life-saving and life-enhancing advice Pavel offers in Super Joints. Why would anyone willingly subject themselves to a life of increasing pain, degeneration and decrepitude? But for an athlete, a dancer, a martial artist or any serious performer, Super Joints could spell the difference between greatness and mediocrity.
The twenty-eight most valuable drills for youthful joints and a stronger stretch
How to save your joints and prevent or reduce arthritis
The one-stop care-shop for your inner Tin Man?how to give your...
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