Wall Street Stories: Introduction by Jack Schwager

Edwin Lefevre

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Written in the early 1900s but definitely (notwithstanding the simplicity of the short story format),and aptly captures the street and its psychology in both character traits, basic technical workings of certain market dynamics in nicely terse yet woefully realistic stories. The thing about this book, is that, it appears to be just an old cheap book, with somewhat outdated 'dialogue', and lack of embellishment in the style of writing, yet it's so damn accurate and spot on with its plots and outcomes and presentation of prevailing human characteristics and the markets while really just talking about a handful of protagonists. These stories are about the things that will not change, regardless of what has occured in this most recent market apocalypse. I've read a good deal of these newer contemporary 'market books', ie) Lehman, bear sterns, the book about paulson's hedge fund, and they all fall way short of these simple stories 110 years later. Can't really sum it up well in this review. Like I said, it appears on the surface to be chicken-scratch on toilet paper(I actually got it on the Kindle) but damn, if you ever traded or worked in banking or brokerage, you'd definitely appreciate this book.
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