The World Cookbook for Students, Volumes 1-5

Jeanne Jacob, Michael Ashkenazi

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The student body in the United States is ever more diverse, and librarians have a major new resource to help them with the frequent requests from students who have assignments that include finding ethnic recipes. This 5-volume cookbook set is directly related to the middle school and high school multicultural curricula. It will be the source to turn to for multicultural, immigration, and foreign language units. The World Cookbook for Students fills a demand for more and different recipes for most countries and many ethnic groups. Many librarians still cling to an old Time-Life set, and this new set aims to replace that. Although there are many cookbooks out there and many recipes are available on the Internet, not all are geared to students, and no in-print sets or series match this depth. The volumes are organized alphabetically by country or group name. Each entry includes a brief introduction to the land and people and their cuisine and then an overview of the foodstuffs, typical dishes, and styles of eating in simple bulleted lists. Approximately 5 recipes are provided per country/ethnic group of typical dishes and holiday fare, for a total of 1,198. Each recipe is introduced and contextualized. Other elements include boxed material to highlight such things as a regional staple, thumbnail maps and illustrations, an introduction to the set, a bibliography with print and online resources, and a set index in each volume.
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