Akira v6

Katsuhiro Otomo

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The mad psychic colossus Tetsuo, the world's military, and the remaining psychics of The Project face off - with the child psychic god, Akira, the wild card - in what my be not only decide the fate of mankind, but may determine the next step in the human evolution! This long-awaited volume - a staggering 440 pages - features the impossible-to-find final chapters of AKIRA, never before collected in the U.S., presented as they were intended to be seen in their original, stunning black and white! Featuring a revised translation and top-quality art reproduction, this is the final edition of one of comics' definitive works, a six-volume epic of over two thousand pages. Since his groundbreaking work on Akira, Mr. Otomo has completed a number of inspired manga classics, including the powerful post-apocalyptic Legend of Mother Sarah and the dark study of a child's dreams, Domu. Otomo's mastery of the manga artform was recognized with a top Japanese book award, the Grand Prix, awarded to him in honor of Domu in 1989. Dark Horse Comics published the first English- language versions of The Legend of Mother Sarah and Domu and is currently publishing this true-to-its-original-form, black-and-white, six-volume re-issue of Akira.
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